IVAS Systems at a glance
 Specialists in Advanced Video Protection Solutions  
IVAS Systems is a supplier of innovative solutions for video surveillance and divides its activity into 4 main areas :
  • Classic and specialized IP cameras for indoor and outdoor use: High Definition, Infrared, License Plate Reading, Facial Recognition, Panoramic, Sound Detection, etc.  
  • THE Specialty of IVAS, Intelligent Analysis: perimeter detection, movement tracking, absence /presence of objects, heatmaps, counting, IP recorders, on-site or remote analysis in the Cloud, interfacing with home automation systems, connection with surveillance providers and alarm monitoring centers.  
  • Innovative accessories: Gate / door / etc. control, long-distance radio links, autonomous solar surveillance points, public or outdoor lighting use, tilting masts up to 15m without the need for a crane, mobile and autonomous surveillance points.
  • Expertise to optimize security: Video surveillance audit, site study, assistance to architects / electricians / alarm installers, analogue to IP video surveillance migration, consulting, training
Why IVAS Systems?

IIVAS Systems will help you avoid disappointing experiences with video surveillance. 
IVAS is an ideal partner for projects relating to the detection and recognition of images and videos (intrusion, abandoned objects, counting, reading license plates, facial recognition etc. .).
History of IVAS Systems
Board of Directors (2020):
  • Edgardo da Fonseca - CEO 
  • Roland Schaller - Sales Director
  • Christophe Mollard - Lead Accountant
  • Philippe Vasseur - Marketing Manager
  • Dominique Delatte - Strategic Advisor
  • Marcel Dridje - Strategic Advisor
  • Raquel Aguayo - Strategic Advisor
IVAS is a company specializing in artificial vision solutions. Its technology includes different areas of expertise related to image analysis: processing, recognition and classification. Experience and specialization lead the company to be an ideal partner for projects relating to recognition and visual detection. The experience associated with its own technological platform are the core values ​​of IVAS. For years, its team of R & D engineers has worked on the problems of pattern recognition algorithms, image enhancement and classification. This knowledge allows IVAS to evaluate and define the optimal solutions. Recognized by different organizations, IVAS is commited to regularly present the latest advances in AI and to continue improving its products.  
Drawing on its experience in past projects, IVAS now makes its global expertise in video surveillance available to its customers and partners. 
IVAS Systems was registered in 2015, currently at RCS Grasse under number 533 562 609

Edgardo da Fonseca
General Manager
Roland Schaller
Sales Director
Marcel Dridje
Strategic Advisor
Our expertise 
 As a supplier of innovative solutions for video surveillance, we listen to your needs and we are ready to build together your future smart video surveillance projects. 
IP cameras
Since its creation, IVAS has relied on IP technology which offers flexibility and durability far greater than analog cameras and which have the following characteristics compared to analog technology:  
  • Unlimited distance through an IP data network
  • Direct and simultaneous access to cameras by multiple users or software
  • Simultaneous access to multiple streams with different bit rates and resolutions
Our IVAS specialists are able to choose the types of cameras best suited to your needs, with the following technologies, among others:
  • Ultra-High definition: IVAS uses at least Full HD (2Mp), up to over 100 megapixels
  • High sensitivity: night vision
  • Passive infrared or hybrid optical / IR
  • License Plate Reading (LPR)
  • Facial recognition
  • Panoramic up to 360 ° in a single image
  • Indoor and outdoor usage
Artificial Intelligence
Intelligent Video Surveillance is IVAS's specialty: perimeter detection, movement tracking, detection of absent or present objects, heatmap, person or vehicle counting, IP recorders, on-site or remote analysis in the Cloud, interfacing with home automation systems, connection with surveillance / security providers, etc.  
The decrease in camera prices and their proliferation poses a major problem: Who will watch and use these images? Intelligent analysis or analytical video surveillance provides a solution to automatic recognition and classification of both real-time feed and recorded videos.  
Analytical video surveillance technology has an infinite patience, at a negligible cost compared to the price of the hardware and its installation. Your cameras are constantly watched and the system immediately reports alarms, faults and sabotages. Most of the time, nothing interesting happens on the monitored images, the software allows you to classify and record events and find them easily, rather than viewing hours of video. 
Innovative Accessories
Our company has already implemented innovative accessories that intelligently complement the video surveillance solution, among others:
  • Control of gates and doors / etc.
  • Short or long distance radio or laser links 
  • Autonomous monitoring points with solar power, usage of public outdoor lighting points
  • Tilting masts up to 15m without the need for a crane or lift
Whatever the particularity of the problem, IVAS will find an innovative solution for you.
Expertise and Consulting
In order to optimize your security, IVAS provides all services such as Auditing your video surveillance, installation studies, assistance to architects / electricians / alarm installers, migration from analogue video surveillance to IP, training services.
IVAS is able to provide maintenance for any video surveillance installation, large or small, in order to maintain the efficiency and sharpness of the system. These maintenance services include among others: troubleshooting and repair, software maintenance, periodic cleaning of cameras and technical cabinets/rooms, etc. 
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Capital increase
June 2020 - At its last Ordinary General Meeting, the existing shareholders of IVAS Systems approved the arrival of a new investor, thus accelerating its development. The entire shareholder base is more convinced than ever of the development and democratization of video surveillance solutions.
April 2020 - IVAS Systems adds to its product catalog a complete range of body temperature cameras and fever alarm solutions, from simple non-contact thermometers to high-precision infrared cameras, including systems that integrate into existing access controls.
Sales Director
March 2020 - IVAS Systems has recruited a Senior Sales Director. 
Roland Schaller joins the IVAS Systems teams in order to accelerate sales and open up new markets. The commercial strategy is extended by relying on partners and business providers with the objective of increasing IVAS sales.
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