Our expertise

 5 good reasons to choose us :


1. All applications of Video Analytics on one single integrated platform for CCTV

Easy to set and optimize to minimize false alerts.

2. Exceptional flexibility

Our software also works with IP cameras or analog cameras. It can easily be integrated to the main video management systems (VMS) on generic equipment (Genetec, Milestone, ..) as well as on other systems using XML messages.

You can create an alert type adapted to your needs: an email, a text message, an XML / HTTP message, but also contact electromechanical systems (e.g.: activating a parking barrier).

IVAS team is ready to build your custom solution according to your requirements.

3. A web interface 

Easy to use and suited for remote management, the software operates in an operating system like LinuxFirefox is all that is required for access.

4. Exceptional performances 

With a great execution speed and a very low false alarm rate, you can easily modify the settings at your convenience thanks to advanced algorithms created for you.

5. A technology award-winning

In 2007, IVAS received the award for the most innovative company in the international computer show SIMO at the presentation of the ViFence module. Our accomplishments are reported by the press – news.