Why Video Analytics ?

Convert your traditional surveillance cameras into active prevention solutions in real time.

Stop the problems before they happen thanks to instant notification. When the software detects an undesired event (person in a prohibited area, abnormal crowd gathering, a registered unwanted person…), the staff in charge receives the corresponding movie (PC, tablet, smartphone ) and can act immediately, thanks to alert management in an open ecosystem:

  • the video stream enters our software for analysis
  • an alert is detected, according to the presettings for the monitored area
  • an immediate action is triggered to start the response from other systems or security staff.

No more details slip through your fingers. With 24/24 video treatment, immediate action can be taken in case of alarm, as well as a post-hoc analysis.

Cover as many areas as you wish, simultaneously and in real time. The Intelligent Video Surveillance solution is configurable to your needs, for maximum security.

A reliable, accurate and easy to set system

The accuracy of our device captures the incident itself but also the few seconds, minutes or hours (according to setting) before and after the event. It allows to trace the entire sequence and remove any possible doubt.

A worthwhile investment

Once our solutions installed, you will immediately save money with security staff and gain organizational effectiveness.  With our technology, a single operator can handle multiple cameras, focusing only on relevant events.

Video analytics in the scenario concerning your case

ViFence at a glance