Sensivic – Sound Detection

What is you give ears to your cameras?

Designed for analysis of sound landscape, SENSIVIC® is a plug&play equipment compatible with all cameras equipped with alarm contacts, and all video protection supervision sw.

PTZ cameras:

Are you cameras always looking in the right direction?Today your cameras are programmed to make a tour, or to be driven by a remote operator. But when something happens out of the field of vision, nothing is seen through the camera eye. By adding “ears” to your PTZ cameras, you give them a chance to react to events happening around the cameras, exactly as we hmans do when we ear a weird noise: Sensivic can alert the camera, camera moves automatically, and the operator or your video analytics sw is now looking at the right place.Thanks to sound anomalies detection, the system is now more intelligent. A detonation, a glass broken, a cry in the night are detected, the direction is given to the camera, the event is now filmed….cameras have ears to get alerted!Fixed cameras:They do not move. But there’s many of them. How many can you follow at the same time? Which ones are pertinent at any given time?By adding sound detection to fixed cameras, Monitoring Centers can receive real time alarms, and the right video flow is now on the screen of the operator. We can so watch and record a car accident, someone breaking a glass, etc.In case of no Monitoring center:

Videos are watched after events happen. Using alarms from sound detection the research for events can be straighforward.


Look at the video:  the camera moves as a noise is heard. A stand-by position is defined, and the camera is programmed to come back to it after one second.

In particular, there’s noise coming from work being performed on the next building. And a car gets close.