Training and certification

Partner is strongly invited to attend Training & Certification at IVAS location or to purchase on-site. Training & Certification objective is to give Partner full capabilities to :

  • Present and correctly position our products
  • Proficiently demo the products
  • Install and configure the products
  • Provide level 1 support.

IVAS official announcement through marketing channels that Partner is a Certified IVAS Partner will then be organized. Partner will do the same through their communication channels both internally and externally.

Read and learn provided materiel

  • Installation & User manuals
  • Product positioning & Competitive information
  • Product License models

Material is provided in electronic version at least one week before phase 2.

Attend Instructor-led training session

  • Video Analytics market
  • Video Surveillance & Analytics Architecture
  • Products presentation and positioning
  • Products Installation & Configuration
  • Interface to third party systems
  • Product demonstration



Bronze certification level

1-2 Certified employees

Silver certification level

3-4 Certified employees

Gold certification level

5 or more Certified employees