Video Synopsis – Video summary solution

Video Synopsis is an image-processing technology that creates a summary of the original full length video.

Video Synopsis is made possible by presenting multiple objects and activities simultaneously, even if they have occurred at different times. Video Synopsis technology provides a very short video representation of a long time period, while preserving all essential activities of the original video. Video Synopsis serves as an index into the full video, and is performed in three stages:

  • In the Ingest stage, the video is analyzed online as it is being recorded to the DVR/NVR, separated into background (static, non-moving objects) and foreground (dynamic, moving objects), and the moving objects extracted. Descriptions of the extracted moving objects are inserted into a database.
  • In the Synopsis stage, a user specifies a time period of interest (e.g. last 24 hours), and all relevant objects and backgrounds for the specified period are extracted from database. A very short synopsis video is generated from these objects and backgrounds. The synopsis video can be very short (a few minutes can summarize a full day) as objects are shifted in time, and many objects are shown simultaneously even though they occurred at different times.
  • In the Indexing stage, the user selects an object of interest. This object points to the original video, showing this object as it has been recorded.