VIFENCE3 – Video analysis solution suite

ViFence3 is a high-performance video analysis software that detects and captures real time events from camera video flows, and automates the alert process.
Since the system uses highly efficient monitoring technology, the human resources required for this task are optimized. Video analysis acts as an invisible sensor, allowing actions to be taken immediately when an event happens.

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    ViFence is a unique integrated solution capable of:
    • Video Analytics: real-time detection events from analysis of video flows coming from IP or analogue cameras
    • Video Management: record, download, search videos
    • Event Management: create alerts from video analysis intelligence, and associate actions (send notifications or signals to external parties)
    The unique combination of the ViFence capabilities plus the integration of external signaling supports automation of a number of processes, decreasing monitoring and control costs, increasing efficiency of surveillance systems, improving safety and security.
Stryker is a complete system for configuring and managing modules for event detection from video analysis. It supports automated reaction to detected events through programmable alerts and associated actions. Stryker combines input from cameras and external devices, to send alert (through XML or other structured communication ways) or to activate external systems (barrier, light, alarm, doors, etc).
Robust algorithms for detecting and monitoring objects and people. Analytics uses simple rules to perform multiple types of detection:
  • Perimeter intrusion
  • Vehicle parked in a forbidden area
  • Presence of people in restricted areas
  • Abandoned/missing object detection
  • Detects counter-flow activity
  • Loitering in foot traffic areas
  • Moving object and people from zone to zone
License plate recognition and management system. Access lists can be created to authorise entries or control how long a specific vehicle stays in a parking
  • User and installation management
  • Vehicle management
  • Export data to other applications
  • Worldwide plate support
  • Configurable license plate lists.
  • Length of stay
  • ViconC counts in real time the number of people walking under the camera in one direction or the opposite. ViconC is a simple but powerful tool to get a better understanding of what happens in your business. With the information provided by ViconC you will be able to analyse key information, such as:
    • Which day / week / month is the busiest ?
    • Which shop get more traffic ? And then compare it with sales.
    • What time is busier?
    • How many people do I have in the store on average?
    HeatMap provides in real time images showing how many people have moved in the camera scene for a period of time. The information is rendered through colored areas of the scene. Two different kinds of map are available for better visualization:
    • Full range of colors is used for every image (from black to white) Instant Map
    • Full range of colors is used for the entire period (useful to compare maps of different moments) – Period Map
    Detection: The system can recognize a human faces, and extract it into a list.

    Identification: Human faces from a database set are recognized by the system when in video flow, triggering specific actions (access granted/denied, alert sent to external system, etc).